Facade construction

Facade (outer) construction is a strong, monolithic slab of reinforced concrete whose external facing is finished and decorated. The slab has high strength. It is produced by the decorated surface and after installation, only the protective coating is processed. As a result, the tower facade will preserve its original look for more than 100 years. These panels are manufactured by MEGA PRODUCTION in moulds produced by BIANCHI, and can meet the precise, individual requirements of any construction project. This is the first time that such advanced technology is used in Georgia.

Bianchi Casseforme Srl. is an Italian company which offers its customers cutting- edge technology and extensive know-how. Bianchi currently operates on all five continents, and its products are widely used in countries such as Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, the Baltic Countries, Russia, the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and so on.